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Greasy hair, what can I do?
Greasy hair, what can I do?

Greasy hair: what tips are there to prevent it?

You have greasy hair and you feel helpless when faced with this problem... However, there are solutions! Our expert gives you their professional tips on how to stop this problem once and for all.

Adopt a good routine when shampooing

"Above all, do not apply too much pressure when massaging your scalp. You risk stimulating the sebaceous gland which already produces excess sebum. However, you should properly clean this area as it's where most impurities build up. To do this, rub your scalp using your fingertips. Lightly massage it but do not carry out this exercise for too long. Finally, rinse thoroughly in clean water.

"Also, avoid products in your hair regime which are too rich. Go for light formulae to prevent making your hair even greasier."

Aurea Sanchez-Coletto

Choose a targeted treatment

"The Balance and Purity Shampoo from the Control Therapy range is without doubt perfect for you. It was formulated to regulate and re-balance the production of sebum. Furthermore, it nourishes and hydrates your hair so it breathes vitality. Use it every time you shampoo your hair. You can also alternate it with another treatment, if you wish to target another problem (dry, fine, damaged or frizzy hair...)."

Apply dry shampoo

"This is THE trick for keeping your hair clean in all situations. Slip it into your handbag and get it out at any point throughout the day, whenever you feel the need. Note, apply it sparingly to avoid leaving any unsightly deposits. It will instantly give a touch of freshness to your hair, whilst also mattifying it. The big plus point: dry shampoo suits all kinds of textures and natures of hair. "

Do not excessively play with your hair

"You must absolutely avoid playing with your hair at risk of making it greasy. In the morning, create a hairstyle which will last the whole day. To avoid the temptation of running your fingers through your hair, try going for a ponytail or one of the Spring 2016 on trend chignons . A small piece of advice: say goodbye to styling products such as gel or wax... Yes, let your hair breathe!"


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