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A closer look at a 2017 fringe trend.
A closer look at a 2017 fringe trend.
A closer look at a 2017 fringe trend.

The 2017 version of the curtain fringe


On-trend and highly feminine, the curtain fringe is one of the must-have hairstyles of the season. It draws attention to your eyes whilst adding a modern touch to your haircut. The features of this look, styling ideas and advice on how to wear it... We have taken a closer look.

What exactly is the curtain fringe?

It's a long, straight, thick fringe which entirely covers your forehead. It is not layered or thinned out and it stops just above the eyebrows, even a bit lower down. What makes the 2017 version different is how it is slightly curved, an effect created using straighteners. Once you have this fringe, it focuses all the attention on your eyes and boosts your style, giving you a fashionable, rock chick or sophisticated look.

Which hair types is it for?

This fringe suits relatively thick or big hair which allows you to create the desired full fringe look. If your hair is fine, go for a short or de-styled layered fringe instead, which will enhance your hair's texture. Plus, to blend it into the rest of your hair, the curtain fringe should ideally be combined with straightened, wavy or slightly curly locks. It is not recommended for very frizzy hair. Finally, it best suits mid-length to long hair, at least down to the jawline.

How can I wear this fringe?

To be the height of fashion, get inspired by the Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Weeks. As seen at the Bottega Veneta fashion show, combine your fringe with a sophisticated up-do such as a slicked-back ponytail or a low chignon. Another option: like at the Alberta Ferretti fashion show, combine it with wavy hair for a hairstyle full of movement. Finally, as seen at the Chloé fashion show, wear it with a de-styled effect to give you a resolutely modern rock chick look.

The 2017 version of the curtain fringe
The 2017 version of the curtain fringe
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