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The must-have sleek ponytail
The must-have sleek ponytail
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The must-have sleek ponytail

The winter months generally bring with them more polished and refined hairstyles. Unlike the looks we often associate with summer, such as loose waves, winter hair often has a sleeker appeal and more sophisticated edge. Discover one of the must-have looks: the sleek ponytail
The trend. It’s a fact: as soon as temperatures start to drop, hairstyles seem to get classier and more sophisticated. These sculpted looks can often only be created by following the correct steps, similar to the sleek ponytail. This updo is perfect whatever the occasion whilst highlighting your features and opening up the face. This winter, let your face do all the talking, not your hairstyle.
Who can wear the sleek ponytail? Anybody can wear a sleek ponytail; just take a look at the Giambattista Valli runway models. Although it can be difficult for women with short hair to achieve this look, it’s not impossible. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of this look is the sleek finish. Bohemian waves should be reserved for next summer!
Get the runway look. After washing and drying hair, you’ll need straighteners to perfect your look. Protect your lengths by applying Perfect Liss and combing throughout to distribute evenly. Your hair needs to be straightened from root to tip. Create a classic centre parting, then gather your lengths at the nape of the neck and secure into a low ponytail. Finally, if you have a few flyaway strands, take a bobby pin or two to secure any rogue hairs into place. Add a touch of Shine Spray to give your ponytail a glossy finish.
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