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I’ve tested Shine Spray
I’ve tested Shine Spray
I’ve tested Shine Spray
Hair care

I’ve tested Shine Spray

‘At the beginning of the day, my hair has a lovely shine to it. Of course, this is down to the fact that I have time to style my hair perfectly each morning. However, as the day goes on, I notice that my hair starts to look dull and lifeless. I’ve been looking for a miracle product for months now to give my hair a boost after midday. Finally, I found Shine Spray by Jean Louis David.
Thanks to its fine misting-action, Shine Spray leaves my hair looking super-shiny and soft. I spray it onto sections that need perking up mid-day and mist all-over for instant results. This multi-tasking spray by Jean Louis David leaves has a light fragrance, meaning I can banish any smells my hair has accumulated during the day in just a few seconds. I can now be confident that my hair will stay shiny, radiant and smelling beautiful-whenever I need it most!
The travel sized 100ml version means I can carry my new favourite product everywhere I go. Whether I need it at work or simply at the beginning of a long day, I hold the bottle around 20cm away from my dry hair. If I want to create a more precise and targeted effect in certain sections, I spray a hairbrush for optimum results, then comb through. It has a non-greasy formula, meaning I can reach for my Shine Spray whenever my hair needs a new lease of life’.
© Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO