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Essentials for short hair
Essentials for short hair
Essentials for short hair

Essentials for short hair

Short hair is easy to look after, providing you keep the essentials in mind and tools handy! To make the most of your short hair every day, follow our hair expert’s advice.
You need to take care of your hair every day to make sure it stays looking shiny and deeply hydrated. “Avoid weighing your hair down with shampoos and other products that are too heavy for it. That way, you’ll gain some volume.” So you need to choose a shampoo adapted specifically to your hair type, and consider using a mask or conditioner for dry hair once a week.
When you have short hair, styling products can be your secret weapon. “However, you need to be careful to use these products sparingly. Your hair needs to retain some volume and flexibility.” If you want to achieve a wet look effect, use styling wax, which will keep your hair in place as well as add that slightly shiny, wet effect. “Choose your styling product depending on the result you want to achieve. For example, the aim might be to fix your hair in place or to maintain the movement of a style.” Hairspray will always remain an essential, both for fixing and styling your hair.
As far as styling tools short hair are concerned, a narrow brush and a comb are all you really need. “If your hair has been cut well, it should be enough to dry and style it naturally with your fingers. But a comb can prove useful for loosening any tangles or achieving super neat styles. And a brush can be needed to smooth out certain styles.”

Our tip: Visit your hair dresser every 5 weeks to maintain your style. A good hair cut will grow out quickly so you need to look after it!

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO