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Summer styles 2014: the side bun
Summer styles 2014: the side bun
Summer styles 2014: the side bun

Summer styles 2014: the side bun

Wavy hair and braids have been the reigning summer hairstyles for several seasons now. However, these aren’t the only simple summer styles you can create! The bun is your best friend when you don’t have much time to spare in the morning. Recently spotted on the MM6 Martin Margiela catwalk, the on-trend side bun could be your go-to style this summer.
The trend. You’ve already seen the top-knots and low chignons that have graced the runways this season. What you may not have already witnessed, however, is the side bun. Just as elegant as its counterparts, the side bun instantly opens up the wearer’s face and will update your style in one simple step. Ensure your hairstyle is chic rather than cheap by avoiding placing your bun too close to your ears. Instead, tie yours near the base of your neck for a more sophisticated feel.
Who can wear it? Anybody who finds the traditional chignon too restrictive and tight on their scalp. By creating your chignon to the side, your style instantly softens facial features and avoids that ‘grandma’ look that the standard chignon can sometimes create. Embrace this season’s bohemian trend by teasing loose a few strands of hair around the face for a softer finish. Secure your chignon into a messy bun and weave in a few flower accessories to lift your look and channel free-spirit vibes.
How to create the look. Take direct inspiration from the catwalk, starting by brushing all of your hair backwards. Next, gather your lengths into a bunch and move to the side of your choice, just below the ear area. Try to avoid creating a chignon that is too big, as you don’t want your bun to overshadow your face. Secure with an elastic which will blend into your natural hair. Finish by using a few hippy-inspired accessories such as flowers or original hair clips.
© Pixelformula / MM6 Martin Margiela prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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