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Streetstyle: the dip dye for redheads
Streetstyle: the dip dye for redheads
Streetstyle: the dip dye for redheads
Styles and trends

Streetstyle: the dip dye for redheads

Her hairstyle. Wavy hair is the perfect hairstyle to show off your dip dye. Our streetstyle of the day has dark red roots with blond mid-lengths and ends. Her waves give her hair movement and enhance the colour. A subtle way to show off her locks. And there's no secret to getting your hair and colour looking just as fantastic – visit your hairdresser regularly!
Her look. As colourful as her hair! Her patchwork dress features various ethnic colours and prints across the sleeves, skirt and front. A little white collar gives her that sweet and innocent charm and serves as a transition between her red hair and her dress, which also features reds.
Tip of the day. For a to-dye-for result, stick to wavy styles and leave the hard work to your hairdresser. He or she will be able to give you something that matches your style and your preferences. And make sure you pamper your hair at home with products for coloured hair.
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