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How to go red
How to go red

How to go red

2013 is red all over! More and more women want to have red hair. After all, what better colour than mahogany or copper to stand out from the crowd!
If you want to go red, the ideal colour base is medium or light. "This will give you the perfect red: coppery orange. People with darker colour bases can also go for red, but your hair will need to be lightened first. Watch out though, this can leave your hair quite fragile."
The intensity of the red depends on the base colour. "The red you get after a colouring treatment is a result of the depth of the base colour. This means that people with darker hair will end up with a weaker red than people with light hair. If you have light hair, your red will be pretty intense. And this doesn't only apply to reds. The result of any colouring treatment is related to the base colour."
Red hair is no more difficult to maintain than other colours. "If you want to give your red hair a boost, head to your Jean-Louis David salon and ask about their Color Therapy range. Extend the benefits of this treatment ritual by treating yourself to some home-use products. A great way to enhance and hydrate your red hair!"
Our tip: If you don't dare go red all over, play around with it with highlights or subtle streaks. Jean-Louis David's Sunlight service uses shadow and light effects for an incredible result.
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