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Streetstyle: the chic wet-look
Streetstyle: the chic wet-look
Streetstyle: the chic wet-look

Streetstyle: the chic wet-look

Thought that the wet-look wouldn't last long? Think again. Wet-look hair is still big news this season. Whether you’re off to an elegant ball or simply out with friends for casual drinks, the wet effect will add instant sophistication to your style.
Her hair. Long, brunette locks. Rather than going for a classic style with a centre or side parting, our streetstyle pick today has decided to go for a high-shine look thanks to some hard-working styling products. Slicked back without a parting, she has created this refined look with the aid of her styling gel. Only her mid-lengths and ends are left to hang naturally, giving her style movement and body. This bi-textured look is right on-trend.
Her look. Boyish elegance. Pleated trousers and shoe boots work perfectly with a crisp white shirt. To keep warm, she has slung a black leather jacket over her shoulders and an oversized camel coat for good measure. This girl isn’t taking any chances when it comes to spring weather! A large tote hangs from her shoulders, meaning our streetstyle wearer can carry all of her essentials to and from work with ease, taking her from the office to the cocktail bar.
Tip of the day: Learn how to apply the correct amount of product when it comes to creating the wet-look. If you haven’t created this look before, practice before washing your hair to avoid last-minute hair disasters! A small nut-sized amount of gel is all it takes to create the wet-effect and prevent hair from looking greasy, rather than glossy.
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