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Statement backcombed locks from the pros
Statement backcombed locks from the pros
Statement backcombed locks from the pros

Statement backcombed locks from the pros

Women seeking voluminous locks often turn to backcombing to create their desired effect. When styled with maximum impact and volume, however, the effect is much more glamorous and feminine. All of the runway models are re-creating this look, so why not give it a go yourself? The pros give all the top tips to styling this runway-ready look.
The model pictured has fine hair, meaning her backcombed look is perfect and simple to create. ‘Don’t panic. You can tell that the model has had a helping hand when it comes to her backcombing technique. Backcombing is relatively straight forward at the front of your style, however reaching the back can be a challenge. To create this look at home, spray hairspray directly onto the roots, then wrap strands around large Velcro rollers to create body and volume at the rear, and smaller ones at the sides. Place around the crown of your head to create maximum impact. Once you’ve finished, dry your hair and unravel your Velcro rollers, brushing out as you go. It’s at this point that you should start backcombing every single section from the roots. Finally, gently brush over the surface layer to give extra movement’.
It can be extremely tricky to re-create this look all by yourself, especially at the rear. ‘Don’t attempt this look single handedly. Instead, ask a friend to help you out. In fact, the Louis XIV hair trends are long gone. You should avoid simply having a voluminous front section and flat lengths at the back. Nowadays, people are much more active and constantly moving, meaning your hairstyle is on show from all angles’.
Don’t worry about the backcombing technique damaging your hair. ‘This is simply not true! Brushing your hair back against itself does not affect the quality of your hair, so relax and get combing!’
Our advice: Do you have a crimping iron at home? You can use this tool to help create the effect of backcombed roots. You will need to crimp hair at the base of the root to create the perfect voluminous effect.
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