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Hairstyles without a parting
Hairstyles without a parting
Hairstyles without a parting

Hairstyles without a parting

Centre parting, side parting or graphic parting. You’re often wondering how to wear it. But did you know there are a number of styles that don’t need a parting? Here are some structured, graphic hairstyles you’ll want to try out this season.
Hairstyles without a parting. A parting is a clear separation in your hair. It is used to guide hair to one side or another and achieve certain effects. Hairstyles without a parting tend to be slick, structured styles, but not necessarily strict. More often than not, we see slicked-back styles. Especially with chignons, and also with a wet look. To vary your hairstyles this summer, go for slick, side hairstyles without a parting.
Adopt the side hairstyle without a side parting. This hairstyle works best on fine hair. Thick hair will be too heavy and it’ll be difficult to keep your hair on one side all day long. Start by drying your hair then when it’s almost dry, use straightening irons to get it nice and straight from the roots to the tips. Finally, brush all of your hair to the side of your choice. Cover the swept-over hair with gel by pouring a small amount into your hands and rubbing your palms together to warm the gel. Make sure you spread the product evenly to avoid any stiffness. Feel free to spray hairspray across your style for a perfect hold.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO