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Seen on the catwalk, grey hair colouring catches everyone's eye.
Seen on the catwalk, grey hair colouring catches everyone's eye.
Seen on the catwalk, grey hair colouring catches everyone's eye.
Hair colouring

Grey hair colouring: should you dare to try the trend?


Has grey hair colouring caught your eye? A real trend this season, it is THE signature hair colour to boost a classic haircut. Is it right for you?

Yes, if you wish to have a rock look

Seen on the catwalk, on the high street and worn by celebrities, grey hair is the new in vogue hair colouring . Don't worry: if it is mastered properly, this colour is perfect for boosting a classic style. Are you dreaming of silver hair colouring? Although the result can be stunning on XXL hair , it can be tedious to maintain. Preferably go for a dynamic haircut: a pixie crop, with a fringe or a long bob, real must-haves if you want to make the colour stand out. As for make-up, opt for red or burgundy lipstick with a matt finish for a rock look.

Yes, if you wish to fully accept your grey hair

Do you want to put a stop to repetitive colouring? If you've decided to embrace your natural pepper and salt hair , go for grey hair colouring. Say goodbye to the dual-colour regrowth stage. It's the perfect solution for getting back your natural colour, in a gentle way.

Yes, provided you go to the salon

All the pros will tell you: unless you have a light blond base, going from your current colour to grey requires a bleaching stage in the salon . It's the best possible way to preserve your hair, to get a colour which holds and obtain a shade suited to the colour of your skin. In case of any doubt, expert advice can help you find the right combination of shades.

Yes, if the upkeep doesn't worry you

Adopting silver coloured hair doesn't just have advantages: you must go to the salon every week to maintain the colour. The perfect regime? Make the most of the Color Therapy range which has the right amount of colouring agents to match your hair colour. The result: your grey colour stays radiant for longer.

Similarly, try out Energy and Brightness shampoo. Enriched in Vitamin E, it hydrates your hair, gently cleanses it and neutralises yellow highlights (grey hair's number 1 enemy). On top of that, it protects your hair against external damage, such as pollution. Apply the product to damp hair, then gently massage it in. Leave it to take action for roughly 3 minutes (until it squeaks under your fingers), then rinse. For the more adventurous amongst us, opt for cold water: it will allow you to close the cuticles and will smooth out the hair fibre.

To go one step further, alternate your hair regime with the Bi-phase Vitality and Light treatment. Once you've wrung out your hair, apply the treatment, taking care to mix it well. It facilitates detangling, boosts your hair's vitality, revives its colour and combats yellow or dull highlights due to its blue pigments. The practical plus point? It doesn't need to be rinsed out.

Are you convinced? If you have decided to try out a short haircut, take a look at these 3 Instagram accounts which you can follow and pinch hairstyle ideas from .

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO