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Hair colouring

Grey hair colouring: should you dare to try the trend?

Has grey hair colouring caught your eye? A real trend this season, it is THE signature hair colour to boost a classic haircut. Is it right for you?

Yes, if you wish to have a rock look

Seen on the catwalk, on the high street and worn by celebrities, grey hair is the new in vogue hair colouring . Don’t worry: if it is mastered properly, this colour is perfect for boosting a classic style. Are you dreaming of silver hair colouring? Although the result can be stunning on XXL hair , it can be tedious to maintain. Preferably go for a dynamic haircut: a pixie crop, with a fringe or a long bob, real must-haves if you want to make the colour stand out. As for make-up, opt for red or burgundy lipstick with a matt finish for a rock look.

Yes, if you wish to fully accept your grey hair

Do you want to put a stop to repetitive colouring? If you’ve decided to embrace your natural pepper and salt hair , go for grey hair colouring. Say goodbye to the dual-colour regrowth stage. It’s the perfect solution for getting back your natural colour, in a gentle way.

Yes, provided you go to the salon

All the pros will tell you: unless you have a light blond base, going from your current colour to grey requires a bleaching stage in the salon . It’s the best possible way to preserve your hair, to get a colour which holds and obtain a shade suited to the colour of your skin. In case of any doubt, expert advice can help you find the right combination of shades.

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