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Geometric hairstyles
Geometric hairstyles
Geometric hairstyles
Styles and trends

Geometric hairstyles

As well as being an upcoming trend this winter, geometric hairstyles are set to be one of the must-have hairstyles for summer, so don’t miss out! This look requires precision to the millimetre, and needs to be styled to perfection for maximum impact.
The trend. There have been two big trends this season: the dishevelled, messy look and perfectly straight locks. Super straight hair was made for geometric hairstyles. A hairstyle with sharp edges and angles looks great paired with long, straight hair. Precision is the key word to bear in mind when creating this look. The fringe also needs to be poker straight.
Choosing your style. Of course, there is more than just the one geometric hairstyle to choose from. Whether you have a boyish crop, statement long hair or even a bob, every hairstyle can wear the geometric look. The key to nailing this trend is to make your style neat and extremely groomed. The shape, from root to ends, must be sleek, and the edges must be perfectly straightened.
Which color? Surprisingly, not all hair colors work with the geometric trend. To let your hairstyle do all the talking, its better to opt for simple colors that wont overshadow your style, so avoid multi-coloured, dip-dyed and even highlighted hair. Your best bet is to go for a block color all over. One color all over will make hair shine and show off your hairstyle to its best.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO