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Fine hair: how do I create a half-up half-down wet look style?

Looking for a new hairstyle to suit your fine hair which will be fashionable, original and at the same time easy to wear? Discover this half-up half-down pony tail which was spotted at the Bernard Chandran Spring-Summer 2015 fashion show during London Fashion Week. Definitely love at first sight!

The trend

The model shows off XXL hair, which is pulled back on one side and tied up in a low half-up half-down pony tail. The aim: to give maximum volume to fine hair. Her roots are flattened on top of her head and emphasized using a wet look effect. However, another detail adds an even more fashionable touch: baby hair, which discretely decorates her forehead. As for color, the model’s hair has a rather distinctive tie-die, with dark brown roots and golden blonde tips. This coloring technique adds depth to her hair.

How can I create it?

This half-up half-down ponytail is a rather classic style which gives a ‘good girl’ appearance. Even if the wet look effect gives character, feel free to combine it with a more distinctive fashion look for a mixture of perfectly balanced styles. On the contrary, you can equally combine it with a sophisticated outfit for an elegant look which you can wear in any situation.

My hairstyle step by step

Wash your hair with Soft and Tone shampoo from the Volume Therapy range to maximize its thickness. Dry it and carefully comb it out. Separate your hair into two sections: one at the front and one at the back. Concentrate on the front section: place the entirety of your hair on the side of your choice before gathering at the nape of your neck to create your half-up half-down pony tail. Warm up a squirt of Design Gel in your hands and apply it to your roots. Leave the back part of your hair to fall down your back. Then isolate your baby hair by flattening it onto your head with a fine comb and a bit of gel. To finish, spray on hairspray for maximum hold.

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