Fine blond hair: 4 tips for getting more volume into your hair

Whether it is naturally blonde or weakened by chemical treatments, blond hair is often finer than brown hair. From treatments, hairstyles and haircuts to colouring, check out our tips on getting more volume into your locks.

To give your blond locks the volume you’ve been dreaming of even though your hair is fine, start by getting to the root of the problem by adapting your hair regime to suit its needs. Alternate between blond enhancing treatments and shampoos and conditioners with volumising effects. Then get out the heavy artillery!

Use hairstyling to cheat your way to more volume

Dry your hair upside-head down to lift it at the roots and thereby boost its volume. Opt for loose blow-dry styling over straightening. This will add movement to your locks and will make your hair look denser. Also, play with texture by scrunching or backcombing a few strands. What’s your best ally for this? Texturising products . By using these products, you can create floaty or wavy locks which have the advantage of having more volume than straight hair. If your locks are naturally curly, opt for a treatment which enhances your curls’ bounce to gain more volume. Otherwise, use curlers to put in large waves. In addition, opt for high, rounded out up-dos to avoid that flat hair look.

A haircut to boost volume

Say goodbye to XXL locks which accentuate the lack of volume. Say goodbye to flat-looking hair with a bob to give your locks a boost and to add volume. For curly hair, opt for a short unstructured pixie cut. For either straight or curly hair, a mid-length layered cut is also a good option. If you have this hair type, to enhance your locks your hairdresser will have to cut them sparingly to avoid getting rid of too much hair.

Add depth with colour

Avoid extreme blonds which are lacking in depth, such as platinum. Opt for a blond colour with an array of shades whose contrasts make your hair look thicker. Sometimes, a few strands are enough to add depth: opt for subtle highlights which catch the light. For a bolder look, dare to try out the dip dye look with darker roots. Always enlist a colourist for optimal results. With an extremely light base, the hairdresser will darken the underneath sections of hair to make them look like they have more volume. The ideal choice is a tone-on-tone hair colour for a natural result.

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