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Fine hair

A fringe on thin hair: is it possible?

Do you love the little extra touch that fringes give to hairstyles, but wonder whether it will suit you despite your fine hair? Then read on to find out why you can throw caution to the wind and just get one cut!

Yes, a fringe is even a good idea for adding volume

Did you think you had to give up on the idea of a fringe, as your hair wasn’t thick enough? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that a fringe is not a no-no for fine hair – quite the opposite! In fact, it’s perfect for boosting your hairstyle’s volume as it adds substance on top. It compensates for the lack of depth which often results in your scalp being visible through your hair. This means that a fringe makes your hair look thicker, more than just a side parting would.

Yes, provided that you go for the right one

Whatever you do, don’t have your fringe cut any old how. You need to take your hair type into account to create a pretty fringe. A top tip to prevent your hair from looking sparse? Ask your hairdresser to start your fringe quite far back on your head and to put in a long fringe without overly thinning it out. This way your fringe will look nice and full! Then you can wear it straight or to the side depending on your desired look.

Yes, if you keep it looking good

As it is better to wear your fringe long in fine hair, it should be trimmed regularly at the salon as soon as it starts getting in your eyes. Don’t worry, though – your hairdresser will generally fit you in without an appointment for a quick fringe trim.

Similarly, unless you have a fringe which falls perfectly by itself, you should style your fringe every morning: curve it with a brush or straighten it to tame unruly waves.

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This article inspired you?

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