10 preconceived ideas about fine hair

There are a whole host of hair-related myths and urban legends out there. The proof is with these 10 preconceived ideas about fine hair.

1- Fine hair lacks vitality

False: Although fine hair is more fragile than other hair types, it is not condemned to being limp and lifeless. For good reason, since your hair type has no bearing on its condition.

2- Only fine hair lacks volume

False: Fine hair is not the only hair type to lack of volume. Thick curly hair, which is particularly heavy, can also fall victim to the limp and lifeless look.

3- Nourishing products boost the volume of fine hair

False: Nourishing treatments are very rich and tend to weigh fine hair down. So it’s best to opt for volumizing products instead, which have a much lighter texture.

4- You can’t wear a fringe with fine hair

False: As they add depth on top, fringes are perfect for boosting the volume of fine hair. Thanks to a fringe, you can say goodbye to the impression of thinning hair that fine hair can sometimes create.

5- Only short haircuts suit fine hair

False: Although short haircuts boost volume, that does not mean those with fine hair have to give up on rocking long locks. The only must-have for those with fine hair who wish to hold onto their long tresses: a layered cut, which makes the hair look more dense.

6- Fine hair is a nightmare when it comes to styling

False: Fine hair is very light, and is actually easier to style than other hair types. Just don’t forget to texturize your locks to give them more body.

7- You can’t wear a chignon if you have fine hair

False: The voluminous, glamorous ballerina bun is not only for those with thick hair. Using a foam donut, you can create a hairstyle with XXL volume for fine hair in the blink of an eye.

8- Sometimes fine hair stops growing

False: As it is fragile, fine hair tends to get damaged by rubbing against fabric and due to external damaging factors. It then becomes brittle and breaks easily, making it seem like it always stays the same length. In fact, it just takes longer to grow.

9- Any type of brush can detangle fine hair

False: You should choose your hairbrush depending on your hair type. If you have fine hair, you should go for a brush made from hog’s hair, which is much gentler on your hair than the bristles of a paddle brush.

10- If you have fine hair it’s best not to have colouring treatments

False: By playing with contrasts, certain colouring treatments (such as highlights or the ombré technique), can make your hair look like it has more volume. This is the perfect optical illusion for fine hair.

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