Flat hair: how can you boost its volume (at last)?

Despite your best efforts, does your flat hair always end up drooping back down? To get the volume of your dreams, check out our advice on getting locks that defy the law of gravity.

Although you can’t choose your hair type, you can temper it with a few easy tricks. The proof is with this 3-stage haircare regime which will transform limp and lifeless hair into glamorous-looking locks.

1- Go for volumizing products:

Say goodbye to overly nourishing products. As they are too rich, they tend to weigh down the hair fibre, thus accentuating the flattening effect. Instead, it is recommended that you use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that can restore your hair’s body and volume. For extreme volume, combine with a styling mousse. With its airy, lightweight texture, you cannot beat this product for lifting your hair at the roots.

2- Adopt an effective styling regime:

A few simple steps can boost your products’ effectiveness. Start by drying your hair upside-down, focusing on the roots. Once dry, finish it off with a blast of cold air to fix the volume. For fans of blow-dry styling, you should know that a round brush is your best styling aid, especially if it has natural bristles. Finally, another solution: backcombing. A miracle technique which has proven itself from the 1960s-1970s.

3- Go for a cut and colour with volumizing effects:

A few snips of the scissors are a must for having a voluminous hairstyle. The buzzword for your new cut: layers. Thanks to a few sections cleverly cut shorter than the rest of your hair, it will look like it has gained depth and density. You can accentuate this look with a targeted colouring treatment, such as a dip dye or highlights. By playing with contrasts, these techniques can create an optical illusion of instant volume.

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