Fine hair: which hairstyles help you get more volume?

Want to give volume to your fine hair? Ponytails, side-swept hair, chignon buns or braided crowns…Find out more about these hairstyles to give the illusion of thicker locks.

A high ponytail

Forget slicked-back hairstyles, if you love ponytails, opt for the high floaty version. To get more volume, start by backcombing a few strands at the top of your head. An effective technique which won’t damage your hair. Select a 1 to 2cm wide strand and style it from the tips up to the roots by lightly going over it with a comb. To ensure this step looks natural, hold your strand parallel to the floor and brush the underside. Repeat this process on several strands and at the nape of the neck to balance out the volumes. Gather your hair into a high ponytail with a fabric hair tie (less damaging for your hair). Use curling tongs to curl the tips and finish off the look with hairspray.

Wearing your hair down with a side-swept style

To get more volume, count on salt water spray applied to dry hair. Mark out a side parting and gather your hair on one side. Spray on the product whilst scrunching your locks.

A chignon bun

Besides styling products, use accessories to play with your hair’s volume. One great accessory to do this? The donut, which you can choose to tone in with your hair colour. To get a natural result, do not choose a donut which is too large – you will find it hard to cover it with your fine hair. To wear this accessory, start by tying up your locks into a high ponytail. Feed your hair through the centre of the donut and place the accessory at the base of your hair tie. Then use your hair to conceal it. Wrap the tips around the chignon and hold it in place with hairpins placed into the bun. For a more relaxed style, pull lightly on the chignon and at the hair’s roots so a few strands fall loose.

A braided crown

To successfully create this hairstyle, select a large strand next to your right ear. Start to braid your hair, without overly tightening it. Form your plait heading in the direction of your left ear so it creates a headband effect. Continue plaiting down to the tips and hold it in place with a flat hairpin. Tie up the rest of your hair into a loose ponytail and backcomb a few strands to balance out the volume.

Now you have some styling ideas, take a look at treatments. Read our advice on how to treat fine and damaged hair.

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