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How can I treat my fine and damaged hair?
How can I treat my fine and damaged hair?
How can I treat my fine and damaged hair?

How can I treat my fine and damaged hair?


For some time, your hair has been lacking shine- it's no longer dynamic and it breaks easily... React as quickly as possible to revive it. We take a look at the best regime to adopt for hair, in order to make it, once again, full of health!

Choose treatments enriched in keratin

These products are made for you! Largely because keratin makes up over 95% of your hair fibre and keeps it in good health. By adopting these highly concentrated treatments as part of your hair regime, you will deeply regenerate your hair. The must-haves: those from the Keratin Therapy range, which are specifically designed to reconstruct the hair and restore its vitality. Therefore, wash your hair two to three times a week with Ultimate Purity Shampoo. Finally, once a week finish off with the Infinite Softness Mask which you should allow to sink in for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Let your hair rest

Your fine and damaged hair definitely needs rest! Avoid making it even more fragile with chemical treatments such as repetitive colouring. If you really wish to colour your hair, go to the hairdresser! They will be in the best position to diagnose your hair and to preserve it in the best way possible. As for bleaching which damages your hair, it is quite simply a no-no! Also, always protect your hair with thermo-active spray before rushing in and using your heating devices. Preferably space out how frequently you use them.

Good habits to adopt

Carefully untangle your hair. Your objective: to avoid breaking it more. For gentle untangling, use a flat brush in the shower, after you have shampooed your hair.

Have the ends of your hair cut. This is essential for making your hair more dynamic. If all of your hair is damaged, your tips will certainly be the most affected. You should visit the hairdresser roughly every 3 months.

Massage your scalp. Do this as many times as possible! This ritual allows you to activate microcirculation. The result: nutrients essential for keeping your hair in good health can access your hair under the best possible conditions.

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