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How to take care of your scalp
How to take care of your scalp
How to take care of your scalp
Hair care

Your scalp: how to take care of it?


Beautiful hair relies on healthy roots above anything else! Our expert gives you advice on how to maintain a healthy scalp and at the same time show off strong and shiny hair.

A healthy scalp doesn't need any targeted treatments. "Shampooing your hair two to three times a week is enough to look after it. It will hydrate and cleanse it by removing any residue built up over days. When you shampoo it, always use circular movements with your fingers, exerting light pressure to wash it in the best way possible. Once you have finished, rinse it thoroughly to let it breathe".

There are two determining factors to check your scalp's condition: its appearance and its suppleness. "First of all, it mustn't be too greasy or too dry and there mustn't be any flakes or peeling. If this is the case, you must act by using appropriate treatments to restore its balance. Your scalp is made up of fine skin which is home to your hair's roots and they must develop in a healthy environment to be able to grow correctly".

Finally, don't forget to stimulate your scalp by massaging in an even way. "The massage is essential for its vitality. Do it for 30 seconds each time you shampoo your hair and/or in the evening just before you go to bed. You will relax it and allow it to be vascularized in an ideal way. The result is undeniable: it will have easy access to oxygen and the nutrients needed to keep it healthy. It will also be able to eliminate any built up debris and excess sebum. However, keep in mind that your scalp is highly sensitive. Therefore, you must massage it as delicately as possible!".

Our advice. Use Control Therapy shampoo if you suffer from a greasy scalp. It was designed to restore balance and regulate excess sebum, leaving your hair shiny and full of vitality.

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