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Colour trend: ash blond
Colour trend: ash blond
Colour trend: ash blond
Hair colouring

Colour trend: ash blond

Blond is still women’s favourite colour. And luckily for them, there’s more than just one shade. Here’s a look at an ultra-trendy colour: ash blond.
A closer look at ash blond. Forget white blond or golden blond for a moment and feast your mind on an ultra-trendy, matt ash blonde. Not too light, not too dark; this blond avoids all hints of yellow. Sometimes judged too simple, ash blond is back on centre stage for an uber-seventies style. Choose this colour to steer away from the sexist clichés of platinum blond and soften your features, especially if you have a medium or dark base.
Who for? Though ash blond is not overly bright, it is still blond. Hair must therefore be bleached. Light and medium bases will take to this colour easily. Darker bases should steer clear to avoid too bold a contrast and a lot of upkeep! But if you’re happy to visit your hairdresser regularly to have your roots re-done, then it can be done, as long as you go to a professional who will be able to neutralise the yellow tinge associated with blond.
How to wear ash blond. This colour has both a classic and off-the-beaten-tracks feel. Those with a modest style who like to stay away from head-turning blonds will love this shade. But rockier or urban styles might also choose it to stand out from their crowds!
Looking after you colour. To make sure your blond stays looking as lovely as possible, look after your colour at home. Your Jean Louis David hairdressers recommend that you use shampoos and masks designed for coloured hair. These products keep the pigments in your hair so that the colour doesn’t fade over time, which is a real help!
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO