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Classic straight locks
Classic straight locks
Classic straight locks
Styles and trends

Classic straight locks

Unlike the wet-look trend or retro hairstyles which have been particularly popular this season, classic straight locks will take you back to your childhood. This neat and perfectly structured hairstyle is very pleasing to the eye and allows you to unleash your inner schoolgirl charm.
The classic straight locks trend: This season, there aren’t many hairstyles that are designed to work with your natural hair. Hair should be either in tight curls or perfectly straight, nothing in between. Classic straight locks need to be straightened and smoothed, from roots to ends. The final touch ? Hair pulled back behind the ears. This instantly opens up your facial features and gives you both a feminine and structured style.
Who suits classic straight locks. Anybody who looks back nostalgically on their schoolgirl hairstyles worn in their class photos. This style is perfect for you if you prefer groomed styles without frizz. Such a neat hairstyle requires equally as much class and sophistication in the clothing department. A feminine look with clean lines or a pant-suit combo work perfectly with this do.
How to create the look. You’ll be hard pushed to find a hairstyle that is this simple to create! Once you have washed your hair, make a neat centre parting and dry your hair as you would normally. Apply a heat-protective spray before straightening the hair to ensure it doesn’t get damaged. Each strand of hair needs to be perfectly straightened from root to tip to perfect the look. Once you have finished straightening the hair, pull the fronts of the hair behind your ears on either side. If your hair is long, try and keep the hair flowing down your back rather than swinging loose in front of your face. To finish, spray a thin layer of hairspray all over your style and voilà!
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