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A 2017 trend: the wet-look up-do

It’s the big comeback of the wet-look effect. Spotted on the catwalk, the slicked-back wet hair effect is both sophisticated and stylish. We take a closer look.

When scraped back, the wet-look effect creates a sophisticated style which has been on-trend for several seasons. From Megan Fox to Marion Cotillard, many stars have been rocking this modern version of the slicked-back look. This year, hair is still being styled with gel to create the wet-look effect. However, instead of being left loose and swept towards the back, the locks are put up in a low ponytail – a much easier-to-wear version of the wet-look style.

The wet-look up-do – who is it for?

For those with thick locks as gel tends to reduce the hair’s volume. Otherwise, the “slicked-back wet-look” can also work well on straight locks for a sophisticated look, as well as on wavy hair for a more relaxed style. If you have a fringe, style it to blend it into the rest of your hair. One to two small squirts of gel is enough to slick back your hair and make it shine.

How can you successfully create the hairstyle?

Before you start, get together:

● A brush

● A fine-tooth comb

● Gel

● Flat hairpins.

Step 1. Brush your hair and sweep your locks towards the back.

Step 2. Smooth down your hair with a comb, evenly spreading out a squirt of extra strong gel (two squirts if your locks are below shoulder length) from the roots down to the tips. Be careful not to use too much: excess gel can give the hairstyle a “stiff” effect.

Step 3. Finally, put your hair up in a low ponytail, taking care to smooth your hair down with a fine-tooth comb to avoid any lumps (which are even more visible after the gel has been applied).

Side-swept hair as a variation

This more sophisticated hairstyle leaves a section of your hair down and the other section slicked back behind one ear. To successfully create this look, mark out a side parting and apply gel to the strands you wish to slick back. Hold them in place behind one ear with a few flat hairpins. Give body to the rest of your hair with volumising mousse to create a contrast with the wet-look side.

You could also replace the ponytail with a low braid. After adding a small amount of gel to your hair, create a standard three-strand braid or a two-strand fishtail braid for a mermaid look.

Top tip. To make a slicked-back wet-look updo more sophisticated, opt for a statement necklace. With side-swept hair, accentuate the hairstyle’s asymmetry by showing off a single ear cuff .

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This article inspired you?

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