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5 good reasons to go for the bowl cut

It’s official: the bowl cut is back. Now it’s left the catwalk to hit the high street. Are you still in two minds whether to go for this look? Here are its many tempting advantages…

1. It’s a hot look…

You’re in luck if you like the retro look of short haircuts – the bowl haircut is a key trend this winter 2018! So it’s the perfect time to try the daring bold look from the Iconic collection by Jean Louis David.

2. … And practical!

The bowl cut’s short locks are quick and easy to style in no time. Say goodbye to hours spent styling in the bathroom: a quick blow-dry and a small amount of wax spread over your locks is enough to give your cut plenty of style!

3. It can be made over easily

You don’t have to resign yourself to the standard pudding bowl look! The bowl cut even offers multiple styling options: wavy all over for a de-styled chic look, with a quiff front section for a rebellious look or flawlessly slicked back with gel to put a twist on your look in the blink of an eye.

4. It flatters many face shapes

With its voluminous roundness, this haircut cannot be beaten for balancing out long or oval face shapes or even softening those with angular or fine features to make them look even more feminine!

5. It goes perfectly with this season’s IT colour

It is the ideal haircut to couple with the current hair trends for Fall-Winter 2018. For example, team it with the season’s must-have blond shade: platinum. Just what you need to give an irresistible rocker style to your short hair!

This article inspired you?

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