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4 must-have hairstyles for September 2017

To start the year off looking well-styled, you cannot beat adopting the new trends of the season. We take a closer look at the flagship hairstyles of Fall 2017.

Loose curls

Perfectly defined curls were a must-have look all through the summer. However, for Fall, curls have become much softer for going back to work.

Say goodbye to tight perms and instead opt for floaty waves, loosened by brushing your hair through a few times, as seen at the Dior fashion show. Alternatively make your curls ultra-loose by running your fingers through your hair, as seen on the Fendi and Nina Ricci catwalks.

The sleek wet look

Straightened locks and the wet look effect are still on trend, but this duo is reinventing itself this September. Still swept towards the back, the locks are not as heavily slicked down on your head. This autumn, this hairstyle has become more relaxed and is gaining in volume, styled with a simple hand movement. The wet look is subtler and is simply texturised at the roots, rather than the lengths.

The side part

This season, deep side parts are all the rage, gathering almost all of the hair on one side of the face. This is a godsend for fine hair which can look thicker in the blink of an eye! Side parts suit all hair lengths, from bobs to XXL locks, and can be worn whatever your hair type. This is the ideal trend to adopt if you want to quickly style your hair in the mornings.

Tribal braids

Say goodbye to last season’s Bohemian braids. This autumn, multiple African braids are all the rage for a bold look.

Braid your hair with multiple sleek braids, Saint Laurent style, or reinvent your middle parting with a few cornrows as seen at the Balmain fashion show, combined with a straight ponytail for an elegant look.

This article inspired you?

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