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Try out the wet look in a sophisticated way.
Try out the wet look in a sophisticated way.
Try out the wet look in a sophisticated way.

Hairstyle: how to wear the wet look for a sophisticated style?


The wet look consists of giving a damp aspect to your hair, as if you had just come out of the water. With its ultra-sophisticated finish, this effect has quickly become a favourite look amongst celebrities on the red carpet. Do you also wish to try out this effect? Find out how you can create it in an elegant way.

How can I create the wet look hairstyle?

The perfect wet look is obtained with the right amount of styling products . In fact, it's out of the question having greasy hair! To achieve this look, preferably work with dry hair. Then untangle it using a brush to make your hair as supple as possible. Then heat up a small amount of Design Gel in your hands, before spreading it out evenly over your lengths.

Our advice. Avoid applying gel to your roots to avoid an overly greasy look. For the same reasons, apply the product lightly to the tips.

How can I wear the wet look in 2016?

The current trend is to wear the wet look with your hair down. It has been spotted on several red carpets, notably during the Cannes Film Festival 2016. To create this hairstyle, do not mark out a parting. Just spread the product out using your fingers by gathering your hair at the back. The little plus point: this look suits both boyish haircuts as well as XXL hair.

The wet look, with which style?

Just like the Tome Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week, opt for simplicity. Your wet look hairstyle will already give you a look which is full of character. It therefore goes really well with a natural style, notably in terms of make-up. Opt for nude make-up or choose to emphasise your eyes or mouth with, for example, glamorous red lipstick . As for your outfit, you can also play the simplicity card or alternatively, pull out all the stops for a special occasion.

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