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Find the ideal hairstyle to showcase your backless outfit
Find the ideal hairstyle to showcase your backless outfit
Find the ideal hairstyle to showcase your backless outfit

3 hairstyle ideas to go with a backless outfit


An elegant chignon, cascading curls or a modern braid: take a look at the following three hairstyles which will showcase your backless outfit.

A floaty messy chignon

In order to showcase your backless outfit, opt for a floaty chignon which will leave your skin bare at the back whilst leaving a few strands at the nape of your neck. This low side-swept version of the chignon catches the eye without fully detracting from your outfit, drawing the eyes to the low-cut back.

To create this look, start by marking out a side parting and separate your hair into two sections. Then twist each section of hair bringing it over to the opposite side to the hair's natural movement. All you need to do then is gather the hair together by twisting it around itself to form the chignon . Do not overly tighten it, and hold the hairstyle in place using hairpins before pulling out a few strands from the updo for an alluring look.

Cascading curls

Backless clothes also encourage you to compensate with your hairstyle. Make the most of it by opting for large relaxed curls which fall down the length of the bare back.

To create beautiful curls in your locks, protect your hair with a heat protective treatment and use curling tongs . Then run your fingers through your locks to relax the curls and to get a messier finish. There you have it: beautiful wavy locks!

A fishtail braid

Do you want your hair down, but still want to show off as much of your backless outfit as possible? Craftily tie up your locks with this fine and elegant fishtail braid which is the perfect compromise for long locks.

To create this modern hairstyle, gather all of your hair at the nape of your neck and separate it into two sections. Select a finer piece of hair from the right-hand section and bring it over and place it in the centre of the left-hand section. Repeat this process, alternating from left to right and tightening each strand as you go. Simply continue braiding down to the tips. By plaiting down your spine, your back is the centre of attention and your low-cut outfit will be on show!

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