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Voluminous hair

SectionVoluminous hair

Discover our top tips and tricks to creating the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. How to look after your hair daily, hairstyles for fine hair, styling techniques for flat hair. Learn how to create body and volume from the roots right down to the lengths. Bigger hair has never been easier. Say hello to va-va-voom volume.

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Flat hair: how can you boost its volume (at last)?
Voluminous hair
Flat hair: how can you boost its volume (at last)?

Despite your best efforts, does your flat hair always end up drooping back down? To get the volume of your dreams, check out our advice on getting locks that defy the law of gravity. Although you can't choose your hair type, you can temper it with a few easy tricks. The proof is with this 3-stage haircare regime which will transform limp and...

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