Fine hair: 4 accessories that give your hair more volume

It’s not just your haircut and colour that can boost the volume of fine hair. Read on to find out which accessories will make your locks look more puffed-up.

Extensions for adding more substance

Do you dream of having thick hair, but have limp and lifeless locks no matter what you do? When treatments, products and styling simply aren’t enough, opt for extensions to make your hair look thicker. Extensions are the most effective way of getting thick hair with natural- looking volume that lasts. Get them put in by a stylist at the salon, so that you don’t accidentally damage your locks.

The foam bun for puffing up your hairstyles

When your fine locks make all your chignons go flat and small, go for this foam accessory which is essential for making your bun look bigger: the donut! With its round shape, it gives your hair the volume it is lacking. Luckily, it also comes in an elongated version for French twists and a quiff version for avoiding that scraped-back look when putting your hair up in a ponytail.

The headband for adding height to up-dos

Another anti-flat hair accessory: the headband. With loose locks, a ponytail, braid or chignon, you just need to place it towards the back of your head and push forwards gently to form a quiff at the front. While holding your hair back like this, it adds volume to all your up-dos. Good news, this also works with a scarf!

A clip-in fringe for adding structure and volume

It is hard to give over some of your locks to a fringe when your hair is thin. Yet, fringes are ideal for making the hair look thicker. To enjoy having a full curved fringe, opt for a faux fringe which you can take out whenever you like. You no longer need to chop off your precious locks: simply fasten your accessory into your hair in the blink of an eye with a few clips. Wear it straight or styled to one side to try out different looks.