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Voluminous hair

A closer look at the Density Therapy range

Listen up, those of you with fine hair lacking in volume! Jean Louis David has developed Density Therapy, an exclusive range which can help to plump up your hair and invigorate it.

A formula which can increase hair density

Density Therapy is an all-new exclusive technique specifically designed for fine hair. A treatment developed by Jean Louis David to help thicken up your locks whilst restoring the hair fibre. To get this result the brand has worked on an exclusive formula, the Strong Density Complex, made up of three key elements.

Rice proteins to get volume

This beneficial active ingredient can strengthen, effectively moisturise and plump up the hair fibre. With its natural ability to retain water, rice protein has an immediate volumising effect which can make styling easier. A popular ingredient in hair treatment formulation, you will also find it in several skincare product formulations.

The Roots complex to reinforce and invigorate

The Roots complex is a mix of plant extracts enriched with ginseng. Rich in minerals and trace elements, ginseng, also known as ‘the root of immortality’ in Asia, is often used in traditional Chinese medicine. In particular it helps to reduce nutritional deficiencies, which are often behind hair loss.

Macromolecules to coat the hair fibre

These are polymers which have the effect of coating the hair and helping to give it body, without weighing it down, and leaving it flexible.

A three-product regime

To further enjoy this salon treatment, Jean Louis David has developed three products: a shampoo, a mask and a no-rinse treatment to use at home.

Density Therapy Shampoo. Designed to moisturise and reinforce your locks, it can also help to improve your hair’s shine

The Density Therapy Mask. From the very first use, it helps to restore the hair fibre, improve your hair’s shine, thicken up your locks and facilitate detangling. After shampooing, leave it to work for 5 minutes before rinsing.

The Density Therapy Cement. Apply to washed, squeezed-out hair. This no-rinse treatment helps your hairstyle hold for longer. It coats the hair fibre and can give fine hair more body. Also, it can protect your locks against heat damage.

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