Give volume to my lifeless hair!

Having lifeless hair doesn’t need to ruin your life. Contrary to popular belief, a lack of volume is not a prerogative of fine hair. To boost your hair’s body and consistency, take a look at our professional tips.
Choosing the right products is the first habit that you must acquire. Wash your hair with a volumising shampoo to sheath the fibres and give them more consistency. “If your strands and tips need a treatment, don’t let them sit for too long. Rinse quickly so as not to make your hair heavier”.
As for styling, avoid serum-like products that can weigh down your hair. “Use medium-hold mousses and concentrate on your roots. This will enable your hair to be lifted up more easily”. You can also achieve volume while drying your hair. “Tilt your head downward, and then sideways while drying your hair with a low-heat hair dryer/diffuser. Comb with your fingers in the opposite direction of the roots to lift and gain volume”.
Your hairstyle can also help you build volume. “Go for layered cuts to allow your hair to move freely and lightly, and avoid fuller styles that will weigh everything down”.
Our tip: to create the illusion of volume, crimp your hair! “It’s almost like putting a pillow under your hair!”. Use a comb or little boar-hair chignon brush. This will enable you to crimp your hair without weighing it down while straightening or drying. As for your roots, comb them in the opposite direction that you’re used to. And voila, volume!

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