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Well-defined curls

From frothy clouds to sculpted ringlets, curls are back! Jean-Louis David gave curly hair a special place in his new Spring Summer 2021 Collection entitled The Odyssey.

Divine ringlets

Spiralling curls are put in the spotlight by Jean-Louis David: from roots to tips, curls are celebrated, their fullness, roundness and femininity. A nod to the working girl in the 1980s, structured curls asserted themselves. And then there are the dreamy, frothy curls which play an artistic card, hovering between dreams and reality.

How can I get sculptural curls?

For those who dream of well-defined curls, Vanessa Giani recommends the new Shiny Curl treatment by Jean Louis David which gives you gorgeous spiralling curls from roots to tips. “The Shiny Curl shaping treatment gives the client styling support for a period of several weeks rather than having to recreate your curls every day. You just need to maintain them with a curling iron and reshape a few of the curls each morning.” Why “Shiny Curl”? Because the treatment involves the application of a touch of gloss which makes the hair incredibly shiny and touches up the colour if necessary.

Haircare and beauty rituals of an expert

“Naturally curly hair is also often dehydrated hair – it’s because of the structure of the hair. To keep the hair hydrated, I work with the Jean Louis David Go Shine range which nourishes, hydrates and makes the hair super shiny. We recommend this in particular after the Shiny Curl treatment in order to maintain the shine and the definition of the curls,” advises Vanessa.

Before styling, the expert recommends applying a leave-in product, which can be a gel, liquid or a spray (it’s best to avoid mousses which are more difficult to work with). This will help redefine the curls. When drying, use a hairdryer with a diffuser and avoid spending too long on one section in order to spread the heat evenly. “To protect the ends, which can give a somewhat dull appearance when damaged by the hairdryer, my top tip is to leave the ends in the towel and dry the rest”. Dry the roots well to boost volume!

Our rookie errors to avoid

Combing your hair without reforming your curls afterwards will mean waving goodbye to your gorgeous waves. And if, instead of using a diffuser, you use a normal hairdryer on maximum power, you will not only destroy the curls but also denature them, resulting in dry, damaged hair with a cottony texture.

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The expert Jean Louis David

Vanessa Giani

Head of training in Paris

Vanessa Giani