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Leave your hair clips visible for a quirky look.
Leave your hair clips visible for a quirky look.
Leave your hair clips visible for a quirky look.

Trend 2017: leaving hair clips visible


Usually, you do everything to try and conceal your hair grips. However, the new fashion is to opt for hair clips with colourful stand-out designs and to leave them visible. Read on to find out how you can rock this trend, spotted on the Spring-Summer 2017 catwalks.

Hair clips, hairpins... What is the difference?

Firstly, size. Hair clips are much bigger and more visible than hairpins. Secondly, the way in which they are used. You need about ten hairpins to get a chignon to hold, moving them back and forth in between the strands, whereas one hair clip is enough to hold an entire hairstyle in place. In general, hair clips tend to be the size of a pencil and they hold the hair in between their two arms.

How do you choose your hair clip?

On the Spring-Summer 2017 catwalks, copper hair clips turned heads. To follow this trend, opt for a metallic or a silver version. Say goodbye to marbled colour schemes which are reminiscent of children's hair clips! Instead, go for a geometric clip in a rectangle or triangular shape to add minimalist charm to your hairstyle. In terms of size, opt for a large hair clip to really embrace this new trinket as part of your look.

It is perfect for you...

If you cannot master complicated hairstyles or if you are short on time to come up with inventive new hairstyle ideas, the hair clip is for you. The advantage is that hair clips boost any hairstyle. You can add a twist to a classic middle parting by flattening down one side of your hair using a hair clip. Alternatively, to give an on-trend twist to a ponytail , hide your hairband by clipping in your accessory horizontally. For a more daring look, you could also clip it in at the base of a fringe to keep your hair off your forehead. Lastly, if you prefer an understated look, take two small hair clips and put them next to each other, close to your ear. Fashionable, elegant or both, you can always find a hair clip to enhance your hairstyle... So go for it!

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