Double buns: how do you create this nineties hairstyle?

For several seasons already, the top knot has been seeing double, worn as double buns straight out of the 90s. To rock this hot hairstyle, follow our instructions.

Prepare your locks

Start by detangling your hair down to the tips before carefully putting in a middle parting. Mark it out using a comb and extend the parting down to the nape of the neck to separate your hair into two equal parts. The idea is to make sure that your mini chignons are perfectly symmetrical.

Form the double bun

Continue styling by first creating two high bunches to hold back your hair on top of your head on either side of the central parting. These will be used as the base for your double buns.

Then, twist your locks around themselves and wind each bunch around its base to form both buns. Simply tie up each chignon with a hairband and that’s all there is to it!

Finish off your hairstyle

You can tame any unruly locks sticking out of your chignons using flat hairpins or, alternatively, take out two strands to frame your face and give the ultimate 90s look to your hairstyle. Finally, spritz hairspray onto your double buns so that they look flawless for as long as possible.

How can you personalise your hairstyle?

Braid your bunches rather than twisting them to get pretty braided chignons, or wear them as half-buns if you are a fan of wearing your hair down. Also feel free to put a twist on your double buns with a glitter parting for a night out!

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