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Opt for this duo of chignons this summer
Opt for this duo of chignons this summer

[Instahair]5 ways to sport Space buns

This season, the chignon bun is being split into two to give us an array of hairstyles, each one even more on-trend than the last. We take a look at space buns and 5 ways you can wear them this summer.

Snail shell mini buns

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Have you had enough of the half-bun? Opt for these practical and easy-to-create mini space buns instead!

To create this hairstyle, select a section of hair from one side of your middle parting and bring it towards the back of the head to form a mini chignon. Wind your locks around themselves, tightening as you go, to create a "snail shell" shape. Do the same thing with a section of hair on the other side of your parting to balance out the hairstyle. Once the two buns are in place, simply let the rest of your hair fall down naturally.

Two-tone braided space buns

To showcase your balayage or tie dye and if your hair is very long, opt for this semi-braided version of space buns!

After marking out a middle parting, create two inverted braids by plaiting from the nape of the neck and finishing at the top of the head. This will showcase all of the shades of your colouring treatment. All that's left to do next is wind the rest of your locks around themselves to create these two-tone buns.

Kawaii double chignons

Here, these quick-to-create double chignons are getting a fun and quirky Japanese twist!

To create these Manga style space buns, separate your hair into two equal sections and form high top knots with a floaty style, leaving poker-straight strands loose either side of your face to frame it. Get this hairstyle and say hello to your new kawaii attitude!

Braided space buns

Opt for an unusual ultra-feminine half-up half-down hairstyle with these braided mini chignons combined with curly locks!

To create this hairstyle in no time at all, mark out a middle parting and then select two big sections of hair either side of it to make two loose braids. Go for whichever style of braid you want, but make sure you don't tighten the plaits too much as you go. Then form your buns by winding the braids around themselves and tying them up. To finish styling, curl the hair which is left down using curling tongs and run your fingers through your locks to loosen the curls slightly. Now you're ready to go!

Maxi buns

Perfect for staying cool in summer, these double chignons are XXL so that they keep all of your hair up.

To create this look, separate your hair into two equal sections with a middle parting and start by forming high-set bunches, making sure that you keep the hair puffed-up at the roots for a pretty finish. Then wind your locks around themselves without overly tightening them, to form the buns. Hold them in place with hairbands. That's all there is to it!


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