A closer look at the shower chignon for a messy-styled effect

You already wear it perhaps without realising and that’s not likely to change… That’s right, the shower chignon is no longer just for the bathroom! Here is everything you need to know to create this hot messy-styled bun.

What is the shower chignon?

It is a top knot done in a hurry which you do without thinking about it, as its name suggests, just before taking a shower so that you don’t get your hair wet. Characterised by its messy look, it often has some of the ends poking out at the base of the bun. It is a de-styled chignon which is thrown together kind of randomly! This ultra-practical hairstyle is not dissimilar to the octopus bun, an essential chignon since last summer.

How do wear it outside of the shower?

The shower chignon is now being proudly shown off outside of the bathroom. This is THE perfect hairstyle for a cool look, as long as you take the time to perfect the de-styled effect. To do this, start by texturizing your hair using a salt water spray like Jean Louis David’s Beach Spray, to give better hold to your bun. Then gather all of your hair on top of your head and wind your locks around themselves, leaving some of the tips poking out. Tie up the chignon with a hairband, without overly tightening to give it a loose style, and that’s all there is to it! A smart hairstyle which can save you from bad hair days in no time at all. But there’s nothing stopping you from wearing it for an evening out! To make it more glam, simply put a twist on it with shine spray.

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