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Opt for this on-trend summer 2017 chignon
Opt for this on-trend summer 2017 chignon
Opt for this on-trend summer 2017 chignon

A closer look at the octopus bun: the must-have summer chignon


Although you may have never heard the name, you may have already worn this funny chignon which has become a must-have hairstyle this summer. Here is everything you need to know about the octopus bun.

The "octopus bun" trend: a novelty?

With its de-styled look, this top knot leaves a few strands poking out of the base of the bun making it look like an octopus, hence its name. A messy hairstyle which may be familiar amongst ladies with long locks who can create it in the blink of an eye (sometimes without even realising) just before having a shower or in order to feel more comfortable at their office computer. Previously worn just for practical reasons and often kept secret, this year the "octopus style" chignon has won over it-girls and Instagrammers who now show it off as the perfect beach hairstyle with the hashtag #octopusbun. This chignon is not revolutionary for some, but it is currently all the rage for a highly on-trend messy summer bun.

How do you get the octopus bun?

Good news, this hairstyle is super easy to do and will only take you a few seconds. The only condition: you must have mid-length to long hair to be able to create the chignon's tentacles. To create this look, put your head forwards and lift all of your hair on top of your head. Then wind part of your hair around itself to form the bun . Next, fasten the chignon with a hairband (do not overly tighten it in order to give a loose look to your hairstyle). Leave the rest of your hair poking out so that the tips look like octopus tentacles, and that's all there is to it!

Good to know: Finish off the tentacles of your chignon with a few spritzes of salt water on the mid-lengths to give them texture.

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