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The get-up-and-go topknot
The get-up-and-go topknot
The get-up-and-go topknot

The get-up-and-go topknot

Have an important meeting this morning and snoozed your alarm? Don’t panic. If you don’t have time to create an elaborate hairstyle, simply take a look at the catwalks for some much-needed inspiration. The recent Missoni runways were full of colorful and easy-to-style looks. Got 10 seconds to spare? That’s all you need to copy the runway model’s stylish top-knots.
Some mornings, it’s difficult to fit in having breakfast, choosing an outfit and worrying about your hairstyle. Luckily, one of this season’s biggest trends is the effortless, messy look. Simply wake up and opt for a topknot that will take next to no time at all. If your working environment requires a more sophisticated hairstyle, make sure you keep your chignon looking neat and pin back any flyaways with bobby pins for a more elegant feel. Those who have more relaxed bosses don’t need to worry about making their top-knots super neat. You could style this trend with your eyes closed!
Start by creating a centre parting. Gather your lengths on the top of your head, remembering to keep your parting visible. Next, secure your lengths with a hair tie into a high ponytail. You can then wrap the ends around the hair tie to create your chignon shape. If you’re aiming for the neater version, make sure you catch every single strand into your chignon to keep it looking polished. Everyone else can do what they like - whether you prefer to leave a few strands loose, or tease out sections from your chignon for a more relaxed feel. The key element to this runway look is to appear like you just got out of bed with a stylish twist.
© Pixelformula / Missoni prêt-à-porter runway, Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO