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Find out how to enhance your ponytail to personalise your look.
Find out how to enhance your ponytail to personalise your look.

How to make your ponytail original?

Do you find ponytails too conventional? To add a twist to this classic, opt for one of these 2016 trends: plaits, a quiff, a high or low ponytail... we tell you everything!

Add plaits for a romantic touch

Whether you go for sleek, loose, fishtail plaits or cornrows (the trend seen at Coachella 2016 ), braids are THE solution for adding a twist to a simple hairstyle. They work just as well on long hair as mid-length hair.

To enhance a ponytail which is too conventional, create an African braid on one side of your head (to break away from that severe look). You have two options: either plait the entire length of your hair and include it as part of your ponytail or stop at the point where you tie your ponytail.

Alternatively, opt for a braid on each side of your head (like a crown) and gather it all together using a hair tie: best for a graphic finish.

For XXL hair, opt for a very loose braid. Once you have tied up your hair, plait about ten centimetres. Tie it up with a transparent hair tie, leaving the rest of your hair loose. Our tip? Loosen the plait slightly for a romantic look.

A low ponytail for a modern style

Whether you have a bob or long hair, the low ponytail is perfect for you. The secret for a knockout finish? Start by leaving a few strands loose at different points around your face. Once your hair is tied up, you have several options: choose some hair jewellery to enhance the hairstyle or be crafty and use a strand of hair to hide the point at which your hair is tied up. To maximise the effect, you can even wrap a strand around your hair tie. Our tip? Pull lightly on the ponytail to avoid a look which is too severe.

Une queue de cheval noue combine une base lgrement floue. #jeanlouisdavid #cheveux #hairstyle #wildlife #blondhair #vscocam

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A quiff for a rock look

Had enough of slicked back ponytails? Give yours a rock look by following Charlotte's tutorial (a top stylist at Jean Louis David). To achieve this look, follow these three steps: backcomb the hair, gather the lengths into a high ponytail and form the quiff.

Our tip for maximising the effect: straighten your strands or experiment with a wavy effect (best for long hair!). If you like the sound of the second option, you just need to work with your hair before tying it up. Start by creating a few curls and structuring them with your fingers for a more floaty finish. If you have fine hair, it's a clever way to gain volume. The finishing touch? Beach Spray for a 'just left the beach' look.

To go one step further, on Pinterest you can find the most beautiful ponytails for long hair .


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