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The short layered cut by Jean Louis David: a major trend this season

For the new Autumn-Winter 2019/2020 “At The Top” collection, Jean Louis David has created a short layered cut full of vitality and character. It’s enough to convince women to go for the chop this season.

The haircut: two-dimensional layers for more character

For the new season, this short cut is full of personality, embracing a strong, controversial style. Layered in two dimensions, it preserves the length at the nape and is thinned out following the neck line. With a touch of the 80s, this hairstyle is modernised with long, thick sideburns to better frame and enhance the face.

The colour: nothing but natural

For the new collection, this short haircut is showcased by a natural, luminous brunette obtained by the 2-in-1 service. This exclusive Jean Louis David technique consists of personalising the colour to suit the individual for a bespoke finish, with an array of brown shades skilfully applied on top. The result is a hairstyle full of depth which catches the light like never before.

The hairstyles: endless possibilities

Do you think you can’t have fun styling your locks if you have short hair? Think again. Here, Jean Louis David has come up with no less than 5 different hairstyles to give your short cut a variety of different angles. These hairstyles are ultra-simple to adapt to suit your mood. You are bound to love them if you enjoy changing-up your look and expressing your creativity. With the help of Jean Louis David’s styling products, creating different looks day in day out has never been so easy.

– The wet look effect
– The urban-styled look
– The messy-styled punk look
– The tufted-style rock look
– The ultra-natural look

How would you choose to style this short cut?

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This article inspired you?

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