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Focus on JLD's new Shiny Waves technique

Who hasn’t already dreamt of keeping their beautiful summer waves all year round, the ones that make you look like a Californian surfer? Jean Louis David has decided to turn this dream into reality by perfecting his Shiny Waves technique. Say hi to wild hair…for weeks!

Shiny Waves, natural waves for 6 weeks

Much less restrictive than curling your hair daily and less invasive than a permanent wave, Jean Louis David’s Shiny Waves service allows you to obtain and keep beautiful natural waves for 6 weeks. No ultra-sophisticated curls here, just a trendy “off the beach” effect and a beautiful wavy movement. Once the effect of the Shiny Waves service fades away, you’ll find your natural hair nature as if nothing had happened!

How to maintain your curls and make your Shiny Waves last?

Your Shiny Waves curls will hold perfectly for about 6 weeks. But please note that it is imperative not to wash your hair during the 48 hours following the realization of your Shiny Waves!

Shiny Waves, for whom?

The Shiny Waves service is not recommended for thin and highlighted hair since could be weakened. If your hair is soft or even naturally very smooth and thick enough, then you can definitely try the Shiny Waves service!

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This article inspired you?

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