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80s hairstyles
80s hairstyles
80s hairstyles
Styles and trends

80s hairstyles

Having seen the Charlie’s Angels blow-drys and ultra-straight styles of the 70s, take a look at some 80s hairstyles, each one is more extravagant than the next!
Backcombed hair. In the 80s, hair was backcombed to the extreme for over-the-top volume. The result: hair is bouncy and crimped. Today, people no longer backcomb all of their hair, and instead like to keep it as subtle as possible whilst adding texture.
The mullet cut. Unless you’re heading to an 80s fancy-dress party, avoid the mullet at all costs if you don’t want to look totally behind with the times. This cut was originally very masculine – think David Bowie – but women soon started wearing it. Its features: a short style that with lots of body at the top of the head and length at the back, almost like a rat’s tail.
The perm. The perm reached its peak in the 80s. A technique that creates rounded movement and volume. The result: women had long-lasting, full-bodied hair.
Short and asymmetric. A trendy cut worn to boost volume, especially on the top of the head. This hair is still a go-to style but is no longer worn in the same way as it was in the 80s for a harmonious, balanced hairstyle.
The windswept blow-dry. The roots are lifted to the extreme for maximum volume. Almost a whole can of hairspray is used each time to hold the hair in the air! Not the subtlest of hairstyles.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO