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The romantic French twist
The romantic French twist
The romantic French twist

The romantic French twist

The French twist, long seen as too strict and too old school, is back to its former glory with a number of different versions, each one more elegant than the next. After the braided French twist and retro victory rolls, take a look at this tousled, romantic version.

The trendy and retro French twist. You’ve always thought that the French twist was far too complicated to do yourself at home. It might not be the simplest of hairstyles, but it’s still suitable for anyone who loves sophisticated, romantic styles. You just need to know the technique and have the right tools ready! Are you still picturing a classic French twist? Think again. Take a look at this modern, chic and yet retro version.

Prep your hair. To create this style and make sure it lasts, wash your hair the day before you plan on doing it. Hairstyles don’t stay in place as much on clean hair! Also apply a styling mousse to your hair when it’s wet to add texture and body. This will make it easier to work with and give it a better hold. Now dry your hair and backcomb the top (to get that tousled effect). Next brush your hair back, gently so you don’t brush out the backcombing.

Create the romantic French twist. Next pull your hair to the side and secure with hair grips. This will make it easier to create your twist. The twist spotted at Dany Atrache is worn to the side, but also goes around the back of the neck from the roots to the opposite ear. Starting at the top of your head, roll your hair inwards, securing regularly with pins without flattening the twist. If you have long hair, hide the ends by sliding and fixing them discreetly in your romantic French twist. Apply a layer of hairspray once everything is in place!

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