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The Pros: the loose ponytail
The Pros: the loose ponytail
The Pros: the loose ponytail

The Pros: the loose ponytail

Loose hairstyles are perfect when you’re rushing about in a hurry. Get-up-and-go looks create a feminine feel whilst adding a unique touch to any outfit. Pep up your style with a hint of sophistication by pairing your off-duty locks with an elegant dress this season.
Here, our model’s hairstyle looks anything but messy and is very sophisticated. ‘She’s opted for a luxury sweater paired with a mini skirt and patent heels for a high-class winter ensemble. Combined with her glossy locks, her colour looks radiant and healthy. Although her hair is on the fine side, she has added volume, meaning she can create any style she wants’.
What you can’t tell from the picture is how she has styled the rear of her head. ‘This creates the illusion of super-long hair. Who knows, she may have created a tight chignon at the base or even an elegant ponytail. From the front, her style appears to be in the form of a faux-bob; one of this season’s most on-trend looks which is oh-so simple to create’.
To get this look, you’ll need to be able to tie up your mid-lengths and ends. ‘For a relaxed-chic vibe, allow a few strands to escape you hair tie. Take a few bobby pins and one or two hair elastics for a similar result. Remember that nailing the balance between relaxed and sophisticated can be tricky to achieve…you may need to practice a few times before you get it right. Even a banana chignon can be styled loosely and retain an air of sophistication by pairing your style with a show-stopping outfit’.
Our advice: For best results, make sure your hair isn’t too voluminous. Hair that is thick and stiff is much more difficult to tame into an effortless look.
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