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The loose French twist
The loose French twist
The loose French twist

The loose French twist

The French twist is one of those hairstyles that is usually saved for special occasions. For this new season though, we are going to be seeing all sorts of versions for creating a less perfect, ultra-trendy style. Messy, to the side, both... Try out some variations right away!

Who for? People with a bit of length to their locks. Mid-length hair is long enough for this style. If your hair doesn’t reach your shoulders, don’t even bother trying! Unlike the classic French twist, this light version will tempt those who like wearing more sophisticated styles as well as those who are looking for elaborate styles but with more of a rock-chic edge. It will also work better on thicker hair: the style will be instantly bolder!

How to create the loose French twist. Start by brushing your hair to get it nice and soft, then create a neat side parting. Then backcomb the top of your hair using a comb to add texture and volume. Next, create your French twist without incorporating all of your hair. Leave a large underneath section down and work the rest of your hair into a classic French twist. With less hair, the twist is instantly more subtle and less formal. Use your thumb to twist the hair, then fix in place with hair pins. Straighten or blow-dry the hair you’ve left down.

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