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The faux bob
The faux bob
The faux bob

The faux bob


No need to get your beloved long hair chopped off to wear a bob from time to time… It might be a faux bob, but it is still a bob! Spotted on the catwalks and the red carpets, everyone is giving the faux bob a go, and it’s looking like it will remain a huge hit next season! Here’s how to do it…


A style for long hair. Create the illusion…The faux bob is perfect for long hair, as the trick to this style is being able to hide the lengths of your hair at the back of your neck. This style is easy to create and can be adapted to all hair types for a chic, bohemian or retro look. Tame your hair first to make it easier to work with!


Create a faux bob. After washing and towel-drying your hair, apply a styling mousse throughout to add volume and leave your hair feeling soft. Next, dry your hair with your head upside down to lift the roots. Once your hair is dry, create a side or centre-parting and roll the lengths of your hair under at the back of your neck. Pin with hair grips and spray a layer of hairspray to make sure your faux bob lasts all day long!

Customise your faux bob. While the technique is always the same, you can easily customise this style with just a few simple alterations. To bring out your bohemian side, pull a few pieces of hair out of your faux bob for a slightly dishevelled effect. For a pin-up girl pose, crimp the top of your hair using thin-barrelled curling tongs, then roll the ends and mid-lengths under at the nape of your neck. Or, for that sweet and innocent look, insert a sleek, straight hair slide into the side of your hair once you’ve created your faux bob.


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