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The curly bob
The curly bob
The curly bob

The curly bob

The bob is one of the most timeless cuts around. Each year you fall for it as much as you did the last with its new shapes for different styles. This season is no different. Here’s a look at the curly mid-length bob for a glamorous, retro cut. 
The retro trend. At Ruffian, the bob is retro and trendy, straight out of a 50s Hollywood film. The model sports a bob with and glamorous corkscrew curls worthy of an actress in a David Lynch film, with bright lips to accentuate that femme fatale feel. Full-bodied cuts are all the rage for a chic result, emphasised with a side-parting.
The cut. The cut is full to maintain that thick, full-bodied effect. As for the length, if you have really curly hair and want a proper mid-length bob, cut your hair when it’s dry to avoid any unpleasant surprises - curly hair is more relaxed when wet and will lift once it’s dry.
How to create the curly mid-length bob. If your hair is not naturally curly you’ll need to prep it first. Place a small amount of styling mousse in your hands then apply to wet hair. This will add body and leave you with bouncier curls. For the next step you have two choices. First option: use thin-barrelled curling tongs to create tight curls. Use this styling tool on dry hair, wrapping pieces of hair around the barrel one by one. Let the curl cool down before styling it. Second option: use rollers. Insert into wet hair, wrapping pieces of hair around them from the ends to the roots. Wait until your hair is fully dry before removing them. Use your fingers to blend the curls together, style to your taste then spray with a layer of hairspray.

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO