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The cuffed ponytail
The cuffed ponytail
The cuffed ponytail
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The cuffed ponytail

The cuffed ponytail was hugely popular in the 90s, and it is now making a comeback. For the past few seasons now, this ponytail, worn on the top of the head, has been sported by anyone looking for something glamorous and feminine. Here's a look at the cuffed ponytail.
Who is it for? Anyone looking for a subtly strict hairstyle to refine their features and smarten up their look. Just as practical as the basic ponytail, the cuffed ponytail shows off your face and helps you avoid those dreaded bad hair days. This version is worn high with the help of a key accessory: the hair cuff.  This is what creates the "roller" effect on the top of the head. Choose the width and height you're after. For his catwalk, Eric Tibusch has gone for a fairly bold effect, but for everyday wear, choose more modest cuffs worn lower.
How to create it. After washing your hair, apply blow-dry cream to protect your hair from your styling tools. After blow-drying your hair, it's time to get to work with your straighteners. Next, pull your hair backwards, smoothing it down as you go. Create a high ponytail and secure in place with a bungee band. Now add the hair cuff over the band and twist your hair horizontally around it. Avoid twisting all of your hair around it, as you want half of your ponytail to be visible. Fix with hairspray.
© Pixelformula/Eric Tibusch Haute-Couture show, Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO